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What does Thread Count (TC) means?

Thread count is a measure of the quality of the fabric that we used in hotel textile bed linen products. The higher the thread count the more luxurious the sheets.

Thread count is the number of wefts and warps per square centimeter of yarn. If we look at the fabrics used in hotel textiles, the numbers[...]

What is Hotel Mattress, What is the Importance of Using Water Proof Mattress?

The Riviera print is an ode to our love of all things retro. Inspired by a photo of socialite Dolores Guiness on... [...]

How Much Are Hotel Towel Prices? – Hotel Towels Denizli

Hotel towel prices in bulk.

Hotel towel prices vary according to the quality of the yarn used in weaving and the weight of the product. Hotel towels produced in Denizli, the capital of textile, are woven on state-of-the-art weaving looms, dyed in competent dyehouses, and shipped to ready-made garments to be cut[...]

What are Hotel Towels? What should be considered when choosing a hotel towel?

Hotel towels are plain white towels that are generally used in accommodation places such as hotels, hostels, dormitories, and apartments. Hotel towels, also known as eponj towels, do not have any patterns, lines or colors on them. Standard size is for hand towel 50x90cm, bath towel 70x140cm, 90x150cm or 100x150cm, foot towel[...]